Sunday, October 2, 2005.

Murphy Oil USA in Meraux has announced a phone number for residents affected by an oil leak that happened during Hurricane Katrina when a storage tank was damaged. Residents may call 1-877-511-1006.


Last night was a lot of fun.  We took out the grill and grilled chicken, hot pork sausage, and smoked sausage.  Chips and cokes and the like were had by all, and then we had a nice visit and a game of Munchkin.  I don't think we've actually played games for over a year...  

I'm having a large portion of hot sausage and a Coca-Cola Classic for breakfast as I type this.  Breakfast of champions!

Earlier, I got up and went and sat in the back yard and had some quiet time.  Very nice.  

Today I need to finish preparing for the insurance adjuster who is coming tomorrow.  I've read the policy three times, and I think I've got my ducks in a row.  Now I just need to get the rest of the pictures and documentation together and be able to demonstrate my losses.  Should be easy enough if the adjuster is fair with me.


This is the best picture of flooding that I've seen yet.  Good map.  Houses in white areas of the map have all gone up in value, houses in blue areas have gone down in value.  Easy as that.


I'm working on the insurance documentation.  Here are some more pictures.

A hole in my awning (car port).

The awning is separating from the house, although it's hard to tell from these pictures.

Cracks in the wall in the upstairs bedroom due to structural shifting.

Separation of the moulding in the upstairs bathroom showing structural shifting.  These used to be painted to the wall before the storm.

The opposite corner in the upstairs bedroom showing separation.

Rafters at the outter wall, inside the attic.  You can plainly see that the end beam is separating from the rafters at the top - nearly a full inch.  I believe that this is a dangerous condition.  Water stains can be seen from roof leaks.  The entire front and back side beam are like this...

A wider view, showing water stains in attic from roof leaks.

The power company is sending folks around to trim trees away from the wires.  These guys decided to take a two hour siesta in my front yard instead of working.

I figured that since they weren't doing anything, I didn't have to watch them.  I mean, I really don't mind if a body takes a break in my yard.  While I was visiting with my father, though, they completely butchered my pine tree. Notice that they didn't bother to take the limbs off that are actually running THROUGH the wires, but instead just whacked EVERY limb off on the street side above that.  This tree is far on my property, and they're only supposed to take limbs back 5' from the power lines.  Instead I got a total butcher job.

To add insult to injury, they left heavy limbs laying in my hedge.  I'm filing a complaint with Entergy, but I don't expect it will do much good.  It isn't like they can put the limbs back on my tree, and they probably won't care enough to compensate me.  I'll probably end up with a lawyer before it's all over.


Pictures of the day.

I think this one deserves a ticket.  Can't people read?

Anybody for a game of billiards?  This whole house in Bay St. Louis blew away, but not the pool table.   Look at all the pine trees that used to be straight...

Same neighborhood.  At least they've got a tub and two toilets still on the slab...

I'd never try to loot in a neighborhood that keeps score...





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