Wednesday, September 14, 2005.

2:30 PM (Lunch Break)

I got up early this morning and got set up to work on my roof.  It took me a little bit, but I got started.  It was quickly apparent that I couldn't do it myself, and I started working on various clever plans to work it out myself.  No dice.  My friend (and boss) Larry came over and had a look at it and concurred that I needed a roofer.  

Getting a roofer out here is kind of hard.  I managed to contact one and get on the list.  I was told this afternoon or tomorrow morning - we'll see...

I started to do some cleanup.  I sprayed bleach on the mold growing on the walls in the guest bedroom, which made me dizzy.  Oh,'re supposed to dilute the stuff first.  Hmmm...  

I cleaned the refrigerator, and it's cleaner than it has ever been in its life.  I pulled it out of its space and cleaned under it too because the freezer melt had leaked all over the floor and that's where the musty smell was coming from.  Nasty...  I sprayed bleach on the floor and got dizzy again.  I really need to dilute this stuff...  

I started sweeping up in the yard too.  I work outside until I get hot, then I work inside as I cool down.  I'm kicking butt around here.  Still lots to do...

I'm having a nice lunch of beef jerky and bottled water.  Almond snickers for dessert.  Yummy.


3:40 PM

Well, now I've got two roofers lined up for tomorrow.  We'll see if either of them shows up.

This recovery business is harder than it seems...

4:30 PM

Things are looking up.  I have a good attitude about this.  The kitchen is nearly cleaned up, I have a roofer coming, I have lights, power, cable, internet, sewer, and a stockpile of stuff to last me for awhile.  They just announced that all residents can return to Harahan tomorrow at 5:00 AM, and that means I can bring my family back in from Houston early next week.  We have a lot of work to do at the office, and if we play the cards right, we'll come out ahead in the long run.  It's the running for a long time that gets to me...  I need a vacation... 


I had a couple of Mexicans stop by and tell me 'Fix roof. Cheap. Cheap.'

Uh... Don't think so...

They got kind of insistent, and I told them to shove the f**k off. They kept looking at my gun real nervous like...

So, I called the cops...who sent the national guard...who rounded up the Mexicans and checked their permit - which they didn't have.


Then the cops came back, and I had to give a statement.  Funny thing is, it was NYPD.  So I made the statement while the NYPD officer was sweating buckets.  I went inside and got him a cold Coke.  "You Yankee's really can't take the heat, eh?"  

"How can you live here?", he wanted to know.  

We had a nice chat.  Then he asked me which department I worked for, and I told him that I was a civilian.  His eyes widened a little and he said, "Then why do you have a gun?"  Then I had to explain the rules around these parts and show him my permit.  

Gads...  I appreciate the help and all, but I can see a real problem if some of these officer's don't understand the local custom...

Anyway, he is a great guy.  A bunch of them all came down from NYPD, and I really appreciate all the trouble they're going through...  I put out a sign that says, "COPS STOP FOR COLD COKE".  We'll see if anybody stops.

(After getting some friendly advice, I changed the sign to COLD DRINKS rather than COKE...)


This just in...

In an executive order issued Wednesday, Gov. Kathleen Blanco delayed upcoming elections in Jefferson and Orleans parishes that were scheduled for October and November.

Well, that's no surprise, eh?  First they confiscate the firearms, then they suspend the elections.  Nice.


Smokes!  I just ate a whole bag of beef jerky, drank two cokes, two liters of water, and now I have a craving for doughnuts.  I'll have to settle for a hot bath and a snickers...


I just listened to Governor Blanco's State of the State speech.  Very moving.  She's obviously gotten a new speech writer.  Lots of good words.  I'd like to say that I believed all of it, but money makes everybody crazy down here.  Once the politicians (including Kathleen) get done stealing their fair share, it'll be a wonder that they'll be any left to fix anything.

That's just N'awlins.


86% of the British think that President Bush did a lousy job with the hurricane.  Gee.  Like the British know anything about hurricanes.  


Stagecoach is on the Western channel.  Gawd is this a bad movie...  I should go mop the floor again anyway...


I'm working on finding contractors.  The first person I want is Adrian at Adrian's tree service.  If you have any doubt, just read this:

The man is a tree man down to his roots.


And for the last bit tonight, let's show some New Orleans Police Officers looting a Wal-Mart and hope that they go to jail, eh?

Police Loot a Wal-Mart

To make up for that, I offer some Katrina Comics:

They're only funny if you know New Orleans...






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