Nothing better to do...

31 AUG - 9:30 PM

Now that the kids are in bed, I'm kind of bored...  What's a prepared person to do? 

I turn to my magic box of tricks:


And pulled out a few tools and some spare things that I carry about.


A little elbow grease...and...


Yes, that's right.  I carry enough parts to assemble an entire AR15.  That new Magpul UBR is really nice, but a little heavy. 

It does balance well.  I have the bolt/firing pin core for the MIAD, but it's defective.  I sent and email and wanted to send it back

for replacement, but Gustav caught me before I could.


OH, and for the guys, the picture is supposed to look like this: 


The guys are also going to want to know that this is a Stag lower, with a DMPS parts kit.  The parts kit came with the rifle kit from FireForEffect.  I picked the kit up for $525 on a deal.  It's a mid-length CMMG lightweight barreled (16") upper.  M4 feed ramps.  Is nice.  The hand guards and removable carry handle are CAA, which isn't great but when you're evacuated parts is parts.  The stock is the new Magpul UBR, which is a little heavy as I noted.  The grip is a Magpul Miad.  Magazine by CMMG.

It's a little mis-matched.  I'll probably put this lower assembly on my HBAR mid-length carbine and match this upper with the lighter stock on that one.  I'll probably see how that feels tonight...  Still, who else do you know is prepared enough to be able to assemble rifles on the run?  :D

If the zombies rise, I can arm my BIL now.  He doesn't have his own yet...  I hope the zombies rise soon.  I'm getting bored again.